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National Day of Action for a Health Accord

On March 31, sound the alarm for public health care!

We are facing an important moment in the history of public health care. The Health Accord – an agreement between the federal, provincial and territorial governments that sets federal funding for health care, and ensures all Canadians can access good quality services regardless of where they live – will expire on March 31.

To date, the Harper government has refused to meet with premiers to negotiate a new accord. Instead, the federal government plans to cut $36 billion over 10 years from public health care and walk away from its responsibilities to ensure equal access to all Canadians.

Join us on March 31 for a National Day of Action!

We are sounding the alarm about the federal government’s funding cuts to wake Canadians up to what this means for our health care services.  Removing $36 billion from our health care system will put an end to national standards. It will lead to the fragmentation of services across the country and that increasingly, access to care will depend on where you live.

We are asking people to organize actions in their community on March 31 to speak out against these cuts and to demand that the Harper government negotiate a new health accord. Any action, big or small, is important! You could hold a rally, distribute pamphlets or organize a public forum. Some community event planning is already underway. Some community event planning is already underway. See if your community is on the list (Please Note: This link may be temporarily unavailable. See a temporary list below.) and find contact information for local organizers.

Be sure to let us know about your National Day of Action activities so we can highlight them on our website. Fill out this form or e-mail your event details to webmaster@canadians.org. Don’t forget to check out our resources and publications that you can use to help inform people and raise awareness. Send an e-mail to inquiries@canadians.org if you would like to order materials for your event.

We’re looking forward to raising our voices with people across the country to sound the alarm on the Harper government’s attack on public health care. Together, we can strengthen public health care for generations to come.

It’s time to #Stand4Medicare

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Health Coalition

Stan Rice, jsrice@sasktel.net, (306) 280-5315 or (306) 382-2865
Press conference or rally

Regina, Saskatchewan Health Coalition

Stan Rice, jsrice@sasktel.net, (306) 280-5315 or (306) 382-2865
Press conference

Toronto, Artists for Healthcare

David Craig, davidscraig@rogers.com
Evening concert at Trinity St. Paul’s United Church

Orillia, Ontario Health Coalition

Emily Smith van Beek, ohc@sympatico.ca, 416-441-2502
Rally at noon at office of Bruce Santon, Conservative MP for Simcoe North
575 West Street South, Willow Court Plaza, Unit 12 Orillia, ON L3V 7N6

Moncton, New Brunswick Health Coalition

Serge Landry, CLC/CTC, slandry@clc-ctc.ca

(506) 851-7088 or (506) 871-8496

Fredericton, New Brunswick Health Coalition

Daniel Légère, CUPE/SCFP, dlegere@cupe.ca

Saint John, New Brunswick Health Coalition

Jean Claude Basque, Common Front for Social Justice – Front commun pour la justice sociale, basquejc@nb.sympatico.ca, (506) 389-1578 or (506) 862-9182

Charlottetown, PEI Health Coalition

Mary Boyd, maryboyd@live.ca, (902) 892-9074
Public demonstration

Summerside, PEI Health Coalition

Mary Boyd, maryboyd@live.ca, (902) 892-9074
Presenting postcards to Conservative MP Gail Shea

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network

Mary Wright, wrightmary123@gmail.com, (902) 527-0766

Halifax, Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network

James Hutt, James@nshealthcoalition.ca, (902) 406-9422

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