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National Day of Action- Thank you!

Thank you to all of our chapters (19 and counting) and our allies that participated in today`s national day of action! We`ve had amazing media coverage, social media was abuzz (or “all aflutter” for the twitter users out there) with our actions, and awareness is growing on the federal government`s abdication from health care.

Please send me any pictures you took or stories from your day of action, I`d love to hear how it went!

Here`s some media coverage that`s come in so far (watch for much more tonight):

National stories: (subscribers only)

Local Media:

Social Media: – watch and share this video by Kiefer Sutherland on the Harper government and the health accord!  (listen to Jim Flaherty announce during the 2011 election that the Prime Minister will hold an accord with the premiers and continue a 6% escalator for the duration of another accord)

Take Action: Send a letter to your MP asking them to take a stand for public health care- and check out our new campaign website with CUPE!

Keep spreading the word, keep the pressure up, together we will defeat the Harper agenda and strengthen public health care for all! Thank you again for your participation today.

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