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NEB approves Line 9, chapters fight back



On Friday, Council of Canadians activists and chapters from Toronto, York University, London, Hamilton, South Niagara, Guelph, Peterborough, and Thunder Bay protested the NEB’s approval of LIne 9. With large rallies in Toronto/Hamilton/Peterborough, and numerous press releases from chapters across Ontario/Quebec, the message is clear that Canadians are going to fight back.



It is no surprise that our ‘regulatory board’, The National Energy Board (NEB), rubber-stamped yet another risky project that will threaten the drinking water supply for millions of people. This system is fundamentally flawed and activist from Ontario are now calling on Premier Wynne to step in and protect Ontario from Enbridge’s alarming plan to ship tarsands dilbit through the 40 year old Line 9.  




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