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New Council project live:

The Council of Canadians is launching an exciting new multimedia education project, System Change not Climate Change this September.

The project website is now available with basic information about the project and ways you can participate. Find out more: is a free, public and interactive website.

What is the System Change not Climate Change project?

The popular slogan “system change not climate change” has become central to a growing and vibrant global movement for climate justice. But what does system change mean? And what does it have to do with the climate crisis?

Inspired by this slogan, this project will feature speakers discussing why we need system change and providing examples of new ways forward. They will address underlying causes of the climate crisis such as the drive for unlimited economic growth, patterns of over production, consumption and trade and push for greater commodification and privatization. They will discuss how struggles for environmental and social justice are interrelated and provide examples of both false solutions to the climate crisis and real solutions that help reduce environmental impacts and advance social equity.

The videos will be sorted into messages that help frame the climate crisis we face from a variety of perspectives and important areas for ‘system change’ including: the economy, climate debt, rights of nature and reclaiming the commons, energy, transportation and agriculture sectors and testimonies of resistance, transition and vision.

When the project fully launches in September, will host over twenty compelling videos and will feature a call to action for organizing community based teach-ins on climate justice in the lead up to the UN climate talks held in Durban South Africa November 28 to December 9, 2011. In addition to the videos themselves, there will also be event templates, suggested playlists, and action tool kits.

To find out more about the project visit or email:

You can watch an introductory email for the project and a ‘teaser’ video featuring Patrick Bond, Director of the Centre for Civil Society University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa on the homepage and add your email to the signup list to receive project updates including notices when videos and teach-in resources are available.