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New info has come to light about BP’s risky offshore drilling

Oil spill

BP’s offshore drilling project didn’t have a full risk assessment before drilling started, according to a long-time industry expert.

Dr. Robert Bea has 48 years experience in marine systems, including offshore platforms, pipelines, and floating facilities. He reviewed BP’s environmental assessment and revealed in a recent op-ed published in the National Observer on May 8 that the “risks of accidents and malfunctions” have not been properly assessed, documented and validated by BP.”

Tell Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna that the federal government must order BP to halt drilling until the true environmental risks can be properly assessed!

Dr. Bea said he felt “déjà vu” reviewing BP’s documents, having reviewed a similar drilling plan the oil company submitted in Australia. In that case, Dr. Bea and others scrutinized the proposal and determined the short and long-term environmental risks of the drilling had been significantly underestimated.

Right now BP is drilling near Sable Island National Park Reserve, putting this treasured place, Nova Scotia’s multibillion-dollar fisheries and tourism industries – which drives the province’s economy and provides people with good, sustainable jobs – and marine life at risk.

The government has a responsibility to halt BP’s drilling in Nova Scotia’s offshore, and properly reassess the real dangers that come along with this project.

Our shared coastal waters are too valuable to risk.

Thank you for all that you do!