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New US ambassador to focus on trade, energy, and the environment

The Canwest News Service reports today that the new US ambassador to Canada “David Jacobson … (who) officially started his term on Friday …said energy and environmental issues would be high on the agenda in discussions between the two countries. …Jacobson (also) said one of his main priorities would be trade.”

Jacobson said, “Canada is a pillar in the energy security of the United States. There are also environmental issues that we all know about that are getting more and more important every day, and I expect that I will spend a lot of time dealing with those.”

“Jacobson said he would soon start to participate in ongoing discussions about protectionism and Buy American legislation, but added he believed the talks have so far been constructive and cordial between the two countries.”

The Globe and Mail adds that Jacobson says a procurement deal that would exclude Canada from Buy American provisions is not imminent, as recent news reports have indicated.

Jacobson said, “The stories that came out in the last couple of days, that there was a deal, or there was a deal that was just about to be announced, to the best of my knowledge, are not accurate. That does not mean there aren’t constructive and positive discussions that are ongoing. Hopefully, I will be able to facilitate those discussions now that I am here.”

Sun Media notes that, “The new U.S. Ambassador’s first priority will be to visit 10 provinces in six weeks, he told reporters Friday.”

The news reports can be read at http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/envoy+focus+border+energy+environment/2058816/story.html and http://theglobeandmail.com/news/national/a-us-envoy-with-ties-to-the-top/article1310811/?.