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NEWS: Alberta, CAPP discuss joint campaign to counter fracking ‘misinformation’

CBC reports, “The Alberta government met privately with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers to discuss a joint public relations campaign designed to counter ‘misinformation’ about the controversial shale-gas fracking industry in the province. Internal government briefing notes, emails and minutes of meetings obtained by CBC show several meetings were held last summer, in response to an invitation from CAPP to produce a collaborative communications campaign. Officials from the Energy Resources Conservation Board, the arm’s length regulator of the oil and gas industry in Alberta, also attended the meetings.”

“The documents show the government and CAPP were anxious to counter what they commonly viewed as ‘misinformation’. ‘Environmental and Non-Governmental Organizations are supporting a ill-informed campaign on hydraulic fracturing and water related issues in British Columbia and in other jurisdictions and this is expected to grow as shale-gas development expands into Alberta and Saskatchewan,’ the document states. They worried the industry may be ‘constrained’ by ‘misinformation in the public media and communities facing shale gas development pressure’. Because of this concern, the document suggests they needed ‘coordinated communications strategies for water use for shale gas development issues.'”

The Council of Canadians opposes fracking because of its high water use, its high carbon emissions, its impact on human health, the disruption it causes to wildlife, and the danger it poses to groundwater and local drinking water. The Council is calling for a country-wide stop to fracking operations.