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NEWS: Barrie’s bottled-water free Ecofest this weekend

The Barrie Advance reports, “Bring Your Own Bottle for drinking water at Ecofest this weekend.”

“Darryl Hindle, owner of Quench Buggy, is providing residents with (free) drinking water from his portable drinking fountain. …Hindle said the Council of Canadians encouraged Barrie to go bottled-water free for the festival, and Quench Buggy helps make it happen.”

“(Hindle’s) six-foot trailer can hook into the municipal water system and has a spigot for filling water bottles, and water fountains for passersby.”

The City of Barrie contracted Hindle to provide the free drinking water for the weekend Ecofest as an alternative to the selling of bottled water.

The full article is at http://www.simcoe.com/news/article/1023402–byob-for-free-water-at-ecofest.