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NEWS: Beyond the Border action plan, Dec. 6-7

Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson writes, “The new Canada-U.S. border agreement will be unveiled at the White House by Barack Obama and Stephen Harper in early December.” It is our understanding that Harper and Obama will meet on either December 6 or 7.

Though not a public document yet, this is what Ibbitson says will be in the Beyond the Border action plan:

1- “A new entry-exit system that will track everyone coming into or leaving Canada by land, sea or air. …(This) will enable the federal government to, among other things, ensure that landed immigrants are actually living in Canada. …Many will balk at the iris scans or other biometric measures that doubtless will come with the new entry-exit controls, while others will fight the idea of sharing more data on Canadian citizens with the Americans.”

2- “It will harmonize a plethora of regulations and safety standards in the automobile, food and other industries.”

3- “It will make it easier to obtain temporary work permits and a trusted-traveller document that will allow frequent crossers to skip the lineup at Customs.”

4- “Air, land and maritime inspections will be more fully integrated…”

5- “Both sides will be able to more easily detect and deter cyber threats.”

Ibbitson concludes, “Though it will begin more with pilots than with full programs, the accord will offer both countries a blueprint for greater economic and security integration.”

For numerous Council of Canadians blogs and statements critical of the Harper government’s perimeter security plans, please see http://canadians.org/blog/?s=%22perimeter+security%22.

More soon.