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NEWS: Border security announcement expected, early-Dec.

Sun Media reports, “Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there is progress on a perimeter security agreement with the United States. ‘Negotiations are going very well and we’re optimistic we’ll have very strong program coming out of that, a very good announcement in the very near future,’ Harper said. …Harper accepted Obama’s invitation to visit Washington, DC in early December, possibly to announce a perimeter security deal, officially known as the Beyond the Border initiative.”

The Globe and Mail adds, “The much-delayed Beyond Borders trade and security deal is expected to be unveiled before the end of the year.” Postmedia News notes, “In the bilateral meeting, Obama highlighted the ‘important progress being made on the Beyond the Border’, according to the White House. No timeline was given for an announcement but it could potentially come within weeks.”

The Council of Canadians has been following the ‘Beyond the Border’ deal closely and has serious concerns about both its reported content and the process by which is was negotiated.

More soon.