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NEWS: Calgary to hold public hearing on water-fluoridation, Jan. 26

CBC reports that, “Calgarians will get a say on the future of fluoride in the city’s drinking water. At least 10 aldermen are backing the idea of removing the chemical, which was added to the water supply 20 years ago on the grounds that it prevents tooth decay.”

“Ward 7 Ald. Druh Farrell asked her colleagues to hold a public hearing at city hall on Jan. 26 on the subject of removing fluoride. …The meeting will be held in council chambers to accommodate the large number of people expected to attend.”

“After that, a committee will recommend to city council what to do next. But Farrell said she doesn’t support taking the matter to another plebiscite, as was done in 1989 when 53 per cent voted in favour of adding fluoride, and again in 1998 when 55 per cent voted to keep the chemical in the water. …Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he hasn’t decided yet if a plebiscite would be needed to discontinue fluoridation.”

The CBC report is at The Calgary Herald further reports on this at

The Council of Canadians has taken the position that there are environmental and health concerns associated with the fluoridation of drinking water, and that this is an issue best decided through public consultation and debate at the local level. For an April 2010 campaign blog on this, please go to