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NEWS: Canadian diplomats in DC worked with corporations to kill US climate legislation

Postmedia News reports that, “Canadian diplomats in Washington have quietly asked such oil-industry players as Exxon Mobil and BP to help ‘kill’ U.S. global-warming policies in order to ensure that ‘the oil keeps  a-flowing’ from Alberta into the U.S. marketplace…”

“In a series of newly released correspondence from Canada’s Washington embassy, the Canadian diplomats describe recommendations from Environment Canada to clean up the oilsands as ‘simply nutty’, proposing instead to ‘kill any interpretation’ of U.S. energy legislation that would apply to the industry.”

“The messages from diplomats were sent as the oilsands industry was  lobbying against Section 526 of the U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act, restricting U.S. government departments and agencies from buying fuel with a high environmental  footprint.”

“The correspondence reveals that the Canadian diplomats had contacted officials from the American Petroleum Institute – an industry association – as well as from Exxon Mobil Corp., BP, Chevron  Corp., ConocoPhillips, EnCana Corp. and Marathon Oil Corp. ‘to point  out the potential implication to their imports from Canada.'”

“The new documents also follow revelations by Postmedia News last  week that the Harper government had crafted a multi-department  communications strategy with industry stakeholders and the Alberta government to attack foreign environmental policies and promote the  oilsands.”

The Harper government has repeatedly claimed that Canada’s climate policies – including our emissions targets – must be in line with those of the United States. They claim they cannot take action until the US does.

This article shows that the Harper government has actively worked to  undermine US climate legislation in order to maintain the tar sands.

The Council of Canadians joined with many groups supporting Section 526.

The article is at http://www.montrealgazette.com/business/Canadian+diplomats+sought+help+from+companies/3898255/story.html#ixzz16fiGTKyg.