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NEWS: Centre Block foyer sit-in planned to protest the tar sands, Sept. 26

The front-page of Thursday’s Metro Ottawa reports, “A group of environmental activists is preparing to get arrested for participating in a sit-in in the foyer of Centre Block on Sept. 26, organizers announced in a recent letter to supporters. …The Council of Canadians, Greenpeace Canada and the Indigenous Environmental Network are organizing the sit-in to protest tar sands development.”

“‘We are asking each person to make a personal commitment, to weigh all the factors, and if you feel it is appropriate, to join with people from across the country in a peaceful, arrestable civil-disobedience action on Parliament Hill,’ the letter to ‘friends, allies, and supporters’ reads. …The plan is ‘to peacefully and responsibly go through the main doors of Parliament to the foyer of Centre Block and sit down,’ the letter says, adding there will be a place set aside for those ‘not able to risk arrest’. However, the plan is not set in stone and, depending on the response of police and Parliament security, it may change, the letter says.”

The Metro Ottawa newspaper has a circulation of more than 68,000 readers.

For more information, please see http://www.ottawaaction.ca and http://canadians.org.