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NEWS: Council of Canadians in Mexico for climate summit

Metro News reports that, “Council of Canadians spokespeople will participate in workshops and roundtables in Mexico beginning next week for the Cancun climate talks. Ottawa-based national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, Maude Barlow, will be speaking in Mexico to raise several of the themes she addressed in a recent speech on the environment she delivered in California. ‘The global water crisis is the greatest ecological and human threat humanity has ever faced,’ said Barlow in a recent speech. ‘Dirty water is the biggest killer of children; everyday, more children die of waterborne disease than HIV/AIDS, malaria and war together,’ she said.”

The article is at–canadians-cancun-bound-for-climate-talks. Maude’s recent speech in California, which is noted in the article, can be read at

The media release – Council of Canadians to demand climate justice at Cancun talks – is at More information on the Council of Canadians intervention during the Cancun climate summit can be read at