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NEWS: Council of Canadians speaks against hospital secrecy law

The Dunnville Chronicle reports, “Frustrated by a two-line Ministry of Health amendment that was buried as a ‘budget item’ in a 140-page government document, (Kim Hessels) is continuing to fight for transparent, quality health care in Ontario. …The controversial amendment, which passed in the legislature May 5 by a vote of 5-3 in favour of decreasing transparency, and has been dubbed ‘the hospital secrecy law’ by the media…officially passed on May 9.”

“Several groups and residents opposed the amendment on the grounds that the public should have a right to know what is happening in public hospitals. In addition to ImPatient for Change, other opponents include the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Council of Canadians, the Medical Reform Group, the Ontario Health Coalition, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, nurses, and health care workers.”

The article is at http://www.dunnvillechronicle.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3123447.