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NEWS: Council team arrives in Huntsville

Council of Canadians canoeists have arrived in heavily-policed Huntsville. We have just gathered at a local coffee shop for a little breakfast. Maude Barlow is about 20 minutes away and so will join us soon.

The Toronto Sun reports that, “Protests are expected to hit the host town for the G8 summit Thursday, one day before world leaders gather at Deerhurst Resort.”

“How big the protests will be is anyone’s guess but a flood of police officers have swept over the town, cops on foot dot most street corners with cruisers making regular patrols.”

“Thursday afternoon’s canoe flotilla is about drawing attention to the G8 and G20’s poor track record on promises, organizers said.”

“‘It’s something we’re doing to challenge the legitimacy of the G20,’ Dylan Penner of the Council of Canadians told the Sun Wednesday night. The fleet of canoes will launch from the Huntsville marina and try to get as close as possible to the Deerhurst resort, likely up to the marine security perimeter on Fairy Lake.”

The article is at http://www.torontosun.com/news/g20/2010/06/24/14497796.html.