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NEWS: Court injunction considered by opponents of controversial Pinehouse uranium mines deal

Pinehouse Lake

Pinehouse Lake

The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix reports that “opponents are seeking a court injunction” to stop a controversial deal between Cameco and Areva with the village of Pinehouse that would advance the proposed Cigar Lake and Millennium uranium mines in northern Saskatchewan.

The news report notes, “(Local residents) worry about a draft agreement circulated last month which contained clauses some labeled a ‘gag order’. It obligated Pinehouse leaders to publicly support all current, proposed and future uranium industry activity. There was also a clause obligating Pinehouse leaders to take ‘reasonable steps’ to ensure the roughly 1,000 residents of this community located 400 kilometres north of Saskatoon do not speak publicly against the industry. Concerns were also raised about the wording of clauses on traditional territory and the environment.”

The ‘collaboration agreement’ was signed on December 12 and is now being reviewed by those concerned, including Council of Canadians Prairies organizer Scott Harris.

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