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NEWS: Cowichan chapter to hold ‘funeral’ for Kyoto Protocol, Dec. 17

The Cowichan Valley Citizen reports, “A mock funeral for the Kyoto climate change treaty is being held Saturday, Dec. 17, starting near the train station in Duncan at 11 a.m. The Cowichan Council of Canadians is holding the event and according to self-proclaimed ‘carbon buster’ Peter Nix, ‘This funeral will emphasize the need for action on climate change and the tragic lack of action from our federal government.’ The group will stage a peaceful march from the train station through downtown Duncan, and then gather back at the train station for a short funeral speech.”

“Action on climate change is a most difficult undertaking, and Nix said that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Environment Minister Peter Kent’s excuse for opting out is that it cannot work since some important countries have not yet joined ‘This is simply dishonest. Of course, there are flaws, but these should be corrected by modifying the treaty and/or moving on to more substantive treaties.’ One aspect of the Kyoto climate change treaty is the requirement for countries to monitor greenhouse gas emissions. ‘It is clear that the Conservative government in Canada wants to avoid doing this because it would demonstrate the rapid increase in these emissions from our energy sector,’ said Nix.”

The action is also reported in the Cowichan News Leader, http://www.cowichannewsleader.com/news/135666258.html.

For Council of Canadians commentary on the Kyoto Protocol, please see these blogs at http://canadians.org/blog/?s=%22kyoto+protocol%22.