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NEWS: Decision on for-profit plasma clinics in Canada expected by year-end

CTV reports, “Should for-profit clinics be allowed to collect blood plasma from paid donors in Ontario? That’s a question currently facing the government — and it’s already leading to heated debate. …A newly formed company called Canadian Plasma Resources wants to open three plasma-collection clinics in Ontario.”

“The company says its clinics are fully equipped and ready to go. But Ontario’s health minister has urged the federal government to hold off on approval in order to allow for more public debate. In Ottawa, federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq has said Health Canada will hold consultations before granting any approvals.”

Two of the for-profit clinics are to be located near homeless shelters in downtown Toronto, while the third is near a drug abuse treatment centre in Hamilton. “Canadian Plasma Resources says the clinics are situated near university campuses and it expects young students will be the main source of the donations.” The $20 payment for a plasma donation would be made by a direct deposit into the donor’s bank account, or by cheque, or through prepaid Visa cards.

The Council of Canadians opposes these for-profit plasma collection clinics, as does Canadian Doctors for Medicare. The World Health Organization and the International Society of Blood Transfusion also oppose payment fees for plasma donations. Around the world, the countries that allow payments include China, Iran, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and the United States.

The article adds, “A government committee has been asked to review the proposed clinics, and the company says it expects to hear if it can begin operations by the end of this year.” It is believed that provincial health ministers will be meeting in Toronto this coming September, and it is possible – given Ontario is chairing that meeting and its health minister has raised this concern – that for-profit plasma clinics could be on the agenda.

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