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NEWS: Delta-Richmond chapter’s ‘Dig In’ on October 10

Cathy Wilander, published in

Cathy Wilander, published in

In, Council of Canadians Delta-Richmond chapter activist Cathy Wilander and member Eric Doherty write, “On Sunday (October 10), over 5,000 events are planned in 180 countries for the largest day of carbon-cutting action in the planet’s history.”

“The main action in Metro Vancouver will be a mass direct action. Like many people who have seen global warming rapidly evolve into climate crisis, the Council of Canadians and have decided that now is the time for mass direct action. …On 10/10/10, we will get to work stopping a serious climate crime—the South Fraser Perimeter ‘Road’ freeway, which is part of the Gateway Program. The estimated $2-billion proposed freeway would pave over some of B.C.’s best farmland, scar the delicate banks of the Fraser River, and pollute elementary school playgrounds. But these local impacts pale in comparison to the looming disaster of runaway global warming, largely caused by soaring oil consumption driven by government ‘investments’ in new and wider freeways and larger airports. Emissions from the tar sands are growing quickly, but the driver is oil consumption by cars, trucks, and airplanes.”

“Last year, we marched and danced in the streets. We will do the same this year, but instead of ending the march at a park it will end where the South Fraser freeway route is marked by piles of ‘preload’ sand. We will dig up this sand and use it to start raising the flood control dikes around a Surrey neighbourhood and protect it from flooding caused by global warming. If the police decide to stop us, some of us will be willing to be arrested.”

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