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NEWS: Grewal to present to high school students on climate change

The Vancouver Courier reports that about 230 high school students from across Vancouver will attend the third annual Climate Change Conference (C3) this Friday December 9. “It’s designed to inform participants about the effects of climate change and encourage them ‘to develop solutions and build student networks in the areas of sustainability and climate justice.’ Systemic problems related to climate change are on the agenda, such as consumerism, waste, pipelines and tankers, fracking and global economic systems.”

“Seth Klein and Marc Lee from Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ben West and Tria Donaldson from the Wilderness Committee, transportation planner Eric Doherty, and Harjap Grewal from the Council of Canadians are presenters. …Organizers have (also) planned a Skype call on Friday with the Canadian Youth Delegation attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa.”

The conference takes place at Windermere Secondary School at 3155 East 27th Ave. Cost: $10 per participant (including teachers), food is provided (includes lunch, snacks and hot drinks).