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NEWS: Guelph chapter organizes food security roundtable

The Guelph Mercury reports on “a food security roundtable organized by the Guelph chapter of the Council of Canadians. …The forum, involving farm and community organizations, heard a litany of critical problems that are crippling Canada’s agricultural sector, including threats from freer trade, low returns, factory farming, environmental degradation and unfair foreign subsidies.”

– “National Farmers Union Ontario executive director Sean McGilvern (noted) Canada is destroying its agricultural base with cheap, low-profit exports that are also undermining foreign farmers…adding freer trade will only make things worse.”

– “Guelph MP Frank Valeriote said, ‘We all around this table know so many issues that need to be discussed,’ …adding one of his own: a growing global population.”

– “University of Guelph Canada research chair Evan Fraser, from the university’s geography department, …made four proposals: boost African farm productivity through biotechnology; create a global food trading system that allows specialization and diversity; promote local farming and food storage alongside an international distribution system; and encourage healthier eating and consumer-driven agriculture.”

– “U of G sociology and anthropology professor Tony Winson, who has an interest in agricultural research, said Canadian consumption of healthier foods would have positive spin-offs for the farm sector and environment. Pesticide-laden, non-organic foods need to be discouraged, Winson said.”

– “Liz Armstrong of the Wellington Water Watchers environmental group lamented the lack of a national water conservation and protection strategy. ‘We’re huge water users in Canada,’ said Armstrong. Saving it is vital to any future food policy, she added. ‘No water; no food,’ Armstrong said.”

“Notes from the discussion will be relayed to the House of Commons all-party agriculture and agribusiness committee on which Valeriote sits.”

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