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NEWS: Harper austerity agenda means 6,000 public servants could be fired over the next three years

Postmedia News reports, “Unions are bracing for potentially tens of thousands of federal job cuts from the Conservative government’s operating review… Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page agreed Friday with unions that thousands of federal job cuts are likely on the horizon if the government is to balance the books. His office, based on government planning reports, expects roughly 6,000 federal public servants could receive pink slips over the next three years.”

“(Treasury Board president Tony) Clement is leading an ongoing operating review that is searching for $1 billion in cuts for next fiscal year, $2 billion for 2013-14, and $4 billion by 2014-15. Nearly 70 government departments and agencies are required to submit scenarios for a five per cent and 10 per cent cut to their budgets. …The Harper government is expected to announce the first of the cuts in the spring budget…”

In May, the Toronto Star reported, “The savings (noted above) can be achieved through ‘modest’ cuts in government operations and by allowing the federal public service to be reduced by one-third through attrition, (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper said. This envisions about 80,000 fewer public servants out of the current total of 250,000.” The CBC has reported, “The Conservative government says it anticipates as many as 80,000 public servants are expected to retire within the next five years.” And in May, the Globe and Mail reported, “(John) Baird says about 80,000 public servants are expected to leave within the next five to seven years, meaning attrition could be a source of savings. He said the government hasn’t set a target, though.”

For Council of Canadians analysis on the Harper government’s austerity agenda – which includes volunteers replacing public servants – please see http://canadians.org/blog/?p=12253.