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NEWS: Harper promises ‘full throttle’ on Canada-EU ‘free trade’ agreement

The CBC reports, “Conservative Leader Stephen Harper took his campaign to Halifax Thursday, promising to ‘move ahead full-throttle’ on free trade agreements with the European Union and India. Standing before stacks of containers at the Port of Halifax, Harper stressed the importance of free trade to Canada’s economic recovery, and his party’s role in acting as its champion.”

The Vancouver Sun adds, “A re-elected Conservative government will aim to finish free-trade negotiations with the European Union by 2012 and with India by 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper (has) announced… Harper was accompanied by eight candidates from Nova Scotia ridings. …At Thursday’s campaign event, Harper contrasted his trade policies with what he said voters should be wary of if a coalition ever takes power – a government that imposes high taxes and is not for free trade.”

The Globe and Mail notes, “The deadline for an EU deal represents a delay from what was expected. Canada and the European Union had set a goal of wrapping up talks in 2011…”

And the Halifax Metro reports, “A Conservative release says free trade agreements with the European Union and India will provide improved access to over 1.7 billion new customers for Canadian businesses.”

This morning, Council of Canadians Atlantic organizer Angela Giles and health care campaigner Adrienne Silnicki got as close as possible to Pier 21 – where Harper was speaking – and held ‘no CETA’ placards, see We also issued this media release,, and will continue to do media outreach.