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NEWS: Harper pursues more than 50 ‘free trade’ deals

The Toronto Sun (and Sun Media) reports today that, “This past week, “(Trade minister Peter) Van Loan launched a fifth round of talks with the European Union (on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, also known as CETA)… The Conservative government is currently pursuing deals with 50 more (countries) such as India, Morocco, Ukraine, Korea and Singapore. Negotiations are also underway to enhance three pacts inked by the previous Liberal government.”

“But Stuart Trew, trade campaigner with the Council of Canadians, questions the government’s ‘mad rush’ to sign bilateral trade deals. He says the Conservatives are acting without tangible assessments of anticipated results and potential impact.”

“Trew says NAFTA and other deals have created a growing disparity between rich and poor. He worries about the gap growing even wider – as well as the erosion of environmental and labour standards and exploitation of Canada’s natural resources.”

“‘Europe is a strong manufacturing base and the biggest economy in the world, but like China, they need resources. If they can get a guaranteed source in Canada, whether it’s for uranium, oil or the resources in the north, they’re going to go for it,’ he said. ‘We may get a bit better access for some products such as agricultural but the result is we’re tying ourselves more and more to resources, and it doesn’t seem like a very wise move.'”

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