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NEWS: Inverness chapter concerned about proposed oil well near Lake Ainslie

Photo credit: Lake Ainslie Historical Society

Photo credit: Lake Ainslie Historical Society

The Halifax Chronicle Herald reports that, “A Calgary oil company (PetroWorth Resources Inc.) expects to drill a well onshore near Lake Ainslie in Cape Breton (late) next month or early November, and this has area residents concerned.”

Lake Ainslie is the largest freshwater lake in Nova Scotia.

“Some who live nearby are concerned about the possible environmental impacts of the drilling fluids on nearby watersheds in the area, said Frances Oommen, a resident and a member of the Inverness Chapter of the Council of Canadians.”

Oomen states, “The decisions are made between the government and the company and we find out after the fact, even though we have to live here and feel the effects.”

The article notes, “Oommen and other residents intend to wait to see the drilling application and continue to lobby the government for more information. The group has already sent an open letter to Premier Darrell Dexter outlining their concerns.”

The full article is at http://thechronicleherald.ca/Business/1200745.html.