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NEWS: Kamloops chapter hosts ‘Walk for Peace’ against Ajax mine, fighter jets

The Walk for Peace this past Saturday. Photo by Murray Mitchell/ Daily News.

The Walk for Peace this past Saturday. Photo by Murray Mitchell/ Daily News.

The Daily News reports that the Council of Canadians Kamloops chapter hosts the annual Walk for Peace, the Environment and Social Justice. 200 people gathered this past Saturday (May 4) for the walk. “During its 38 year history the issues have changed, but the goal for a better planet remains the same.” The Council has hosted the walk for the past 14 years.

The article continues, “When Bill Ferguson, 84, attended the first walk, the small group was part of the ban-the-bomb movement over fears of nuclear war. …He believes the federal Conservative government seems more interested in spending billions on stealth fighter jets instead of education and health care. …Ferguson also had thoughts on the Ajax mine, which he called ‘a terrible venture to even contemplate’ given its proximity to Kamloops. He said billions of dollars are involved, which means anything the proponent says should be heard with reservation.”

The Kamloops chapter is also opposed to the plan by KGHM Ajax Mining Inc. to mine for copper and gold near Jacko Lake – and the associated rerouting of Peterson Creek and the tailings pond which could destroy nearby Inks Lake.

“Walk organizer Anita Strong said Ajax is a big issue on people’s minds given the environmental concerns. So, too, is the government’s interest in stealth bombers. She said the repeat attendance of people like Ferguson speaks to the walk’s continued relevance in the community. ‘There’s a lot of different groups here this year,’ she said. The walk was attended by organizations like The Raging Grannies and the B.C. SPCA Kamloops Branch.”

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