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NEWS: Kavanagh compares Boat Harbour and Sandy Pond

The St. John’s Telegram reports that, “Ken Kavanagh, a retired teacher from Bell Island, a Council of Canadians spokesman and chairman of the Sandy Pond Alliance opposing use of a 38-hectare lake for mine tailings in Long Harbour, says while the industries and times are different, there is a similarity with Boat Harbour — the economic pressure placed on residents to compromise the environment for jobs.”

A pulp and paper mill opened near Boat Harbour in 1967. It brought the promise of jobs in desperate times. But as a cheap way of dealing with its wastewater, the tidal lagoon was polluted with the mill’s waste – dioxins, furans, chloride, mercury and other heavy metals.

“After 40 years, he wonders if the environmental regime is more sound today. ‘It’s stacked against the community and ordinary citizens,’ he says.”

“He said the government is allowing, through its regulations and acceptance of  environmental  assessments, the act of taking a beautiful, pristine pond and destroying it with toxic waste. ‘Things haven’t changed a great deal,’ Kavanagh says.”

The full article – with much more background on Boat Harbour – is at http://www.thetelegram.com/News/Local/2010-11-29/article-2001218/From-pristine-to-polluted/1.