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NEWS: Levesque speaks out for Lake Ainslie

Anne Levesque

Anne Levesque

CBC reports today that, “Some people in Cape Breton’s Inverness County are gearing up to fight oil and gas exploration in the area by Toronto-based PetroWorth Resources Inc. The company hopes to drill for oil on land in West Lake Ainslie in November, but some residents fear that could seriously harm the local environment.”

“‘We have concerns about our health. We have concerns about the ecology of the lake. And we’re concerned about our drinking water,’ Anne Levesque, of the Inverness County chapter of the Council of Canadians, said. Her group has been following the exploration plans of Toronto-based PetroWorth Resources, she said, and their main concern is a technique used in shale rock formations. …Levesque said fractionation, or fracking, has contaminated groundwater in other part of North America. ‘Cattle have been sick and died from drinking the water. There are increasing concerns with health,’ she said. …Levesque said her group will hold a public information session on potential fracking in West Lake Ainslie next week.”

Lake Ainslie is the largest freshwater lake in Nova Scotia.

The full article is at http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2010/09/27/ns-cape-breton-oil-drilling.html.

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