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NEWS: London chapter defends Occupy London

London chapter tent at Occupy London

Council of Canadians London chapter activist Don McLeod wrote today, “London Mayor Joe Fontana and Councillor Steve Orser have asked the Occupy London protesters to pack up and leave Victoria Park as camping overnight violates City By-Laws. Mayor Fontana did say the protesters could use the park during the day. London Police have apparently granted a two day reprieve so that the Occupy Londoners could discuss their next move.” He adds, “Council of Canadians members are welcome to attend Victoria Park today at 10am to intermingle and participate. Events will start around 11am.”

Tonight, the London Free Press reports, “Members of Occupy London scored valuable publicity for their various causes Thursday when they crashed the mayor’s town hall meeting. But the burning question that will come up Friday at a meeting with city councillors is when will they pack up their 30 tents and leave Victoria Park?” The newspaper quotes Roberta Cory saying, “I am a member of the Council of Canadians and we are absolutely in solidarity with the Occupy movement. We feel it’s people before profits, to put it simply.”

More than 25 Council of Canadians chapters have participated in 21 occupations across the country. Chapter activists, Board directors, and Council staff all visited and expressed solidarity with Occupons/ Occupy Montreal during the recent Indignez-Vous! conference. For more on Occupy, please see http://canadians.org/blog/?p=11196.