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NEWS: Marois to repeal Bill 78, freeze the tuition hike

An amazing win for the student movement in Quebec!! The Montreal Gazette reports, “(On measures) such as rolling back the $1,788 tuition hike and abrogating Bill 78, Premier-designate Pauline Marois said she will proceed by cabinet decree, rather than trying to pass laws. Marois said once the tuition increase is cancelled, she is sure opposition parties will agree to abrogate Bill 78… ‘I will then hold a summit,’ Marois announced, referring to the PQ plan for a summit, one-third of whose members will be students, including to develop a consensus on how best to finance post-secondary education and make university studies more accessible.”

Numerous Council of Canadians blogs on the protests against Bill 78 and the tuition hike can be read at http://canadians.org/blog/?s=montreal+student.