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NEWS: Occupy Ottawa receives eviction notice

There are eviction notices placed at the entry points to Occupy Ottawa and on all of the tents now stating that “tents, structures, equipment, debris and other personal belongings” must be removed from Confederation Park by 11:59 pm tonight.

Council of Canadians campaigner Andrea Harden-Donahue reports that Occupy Ottawa will reply with a statement at 6 pm and that there will be a larger presence at 11:30 pm tonight to witness whatever happens.

It does appear though that a number of people are packing up, some tents are being taken down, and that it’s fairly quiet at the encampment right now. There are three media trucks, but no police visible at this time.

CBC reports this hour, “Ottawa police have been asked by the National Capital Commission to enforce the Trespassing Act beginning at midnight… (The eviction notices) also said the tents would be held for 15 days so they could be retrieved by protesters.”

More later.