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NEWS: Ontario-Quebec Great Lakes summit, spring 2011

A Government of Ontario media release states that, “Ontario and Québec held the third joint meeting of their cabinets, chaired by Québec Premier Jean Charest and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (on June 16).”

“The cabinets agreed to concentrate on one of the world’s greatest resources — water.”

“Respecting and maintaining the quality and the conservation of invaluable water resources is a priority for both governments. About $200-billion worth of Canada-U.S. trade passed through the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Region in 2009. The provinces agreed to take greater advantage of the region, in collaboration with Great Lakes states.”

“The premiers announced they will work towards a forum on the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River that will take place in the spring 2011.”

“This forum, which will be divided in two parts, will focus on questions related to their economic importance and on water quality and protection.”

The Council of Canadians will be working to find out more about this summit. We recently highlighted a variety of threats to the Great Lakes at http://canadians.org/campaignblog/?p=3796.

The media release is at http://www.premier.gov.on.ca/news/event.php?ItemID=12705&Lang=EN.