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NEWS: ‘Paani’ film in pre-production

The Times of India reported in late-September that Shekhar Kapoor’s film ‘Paani’ may be filmed in China, while Sawf News reports this week that it could be made in Spain. As reported by Sawf News, “Based on a book by Maude Barlow and scripted by David Farr, Paani will tell a dark story about the looming water crisis.”

The Times of India notes that, “Shooting in Mumbai is now ruled out since the plot of Shekhar’s film requires the director and his art director to construct a futuristic Mumbai with two sharply demarcated sections: The Upper City (for the elite with abundant water supply) and The Lower City (for the poor).”

Kapoor says, “I am definitely starting Paani next year. We’re fully into the pre-production stage. This film needs a lot of preparation. I’ll formally announce the cast only after all the other details are in place.”

The film is scheduled for release in 2011-2012.

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