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NEWS: Parliament to resume June 2

According to various news reports:

Tuesday May 17: It is expected that a new cabinet will be sworn in by the Governor-General. The top cabinet ministers are expected to keep their posts, with various media reports suggesting that Jason Kenney will be the Conservative MP named to replace defeated foreign minister Lawrence Cannon.

Thursday June 2: Parliament will return to work, MPs will meet that day to choose a new Speaker of the House of Commons.

Friday June 3: Governor-General David Johnston will read the Speech from the Throne in the Senate chamber, which will set out the government’s priorities for the new session of Parliament.

June 6-10, tbc: Although a date for the federal budget hasn’t been announced, there is speculation it will be introduced the week following Parliament’s return.

Thursday June 30, tbc: Parliament normally sits until late-June. The date for the summer recessing of Parliament has not been announced, but it is expected to be a short session.

Within the first 100 sitting days: It is expected that a number of crime bills will be introduced as one piece of legislation. Also expected is their plan to kill the long-gun registry. This could happen in June, or perhaps not until September-October.

The Council of Canadians is preparing an open letter to all MPs outlining our expectations for the new Parliament. Chapter activists have already expressed an interest in taking that letter to their first meeting with MPs this summer following the May 2 election.

Other dates: The Conservatives have a policy convention scheduled for June 9-10 in Ottawa. The New Democrats have their convention scheduled for June 17-19 in Vancouver. The Liberal caucus is expected to meet on Wednesday May 25 to select their interim leader. While the Liberals have a biennial convention scheduled for June 17-19 in Ottawa, media reports suggest that will just be a teleconference and the convention instead will take place in early-January 2012. A leadership vote is expected to be pushed until sometime later in 2012.