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NEWS: Police dismantle Occupy Nova Scotia

: People surrounding the tents at Occupy Nova Scotia. Photo by Adrienne Silnicki

The Toronto Star reports, “Police officers descended on (Occupy Nova Scotia’s) new camp in Victoria Park (in Halifax) to dismantle their tents in the pouring rain on Friday afternoon, said Brian Crouse, an Occupy NS organizer. There have been ‘about a dozen’ arrests, Crouse estimated, adding that there was pushing and ‘bundles of fighting’ between protesters and police as people sat on tents, determined not to be kicked out. …A few hundred people have gathered at the park to determine the protesters next course of action, Crouse said. ‘We’re trying to keep things as peaceful as we can while still making a stand,’ he said.”

The Canadian Press adds, “Police were seen taking down tarps, pulling up tents and packing personal belongings into green garbage bags as campers stood by.”

Council of Canadians health care campaigner Adrienne Silnicki is at Occupy NS at this moment (about 4 pm AT), in the pouring rain, to help. This hour, she reported, “CUPE lawyer called to tell people their rights. Used human microphone. Police are refusing to negotiate.” She adds later, “Police brutality has occurred against protestors. People are being held. Human microphone on lawyers number now. Rain really coming down!”

The Toronto Star article notes, “In a bid to respect Remembrance Day ceremonies planned for the Grand Parade — Halifax’s main square and the site of the original Occupy encampment — the protesters had moved their camp to Victoria Park earlier this week. They planned to move back to the Grand Parade on Nov. 12 and remain indefinitely. But minutes after the Remembrance Day events were completed, city officials delivered printed notices to the new tent camp with a clear message: move out.”