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NEWS: Police shut down Occupy Montreal

CBC reports, “Montreal police started blocking off streets and moving in on the site in the square, where Occupy movement supporters set up camp in mid-October, at around 9 a.m. ET (on Friday morning). They ripped up tent pegs and pulled out poles before city workers moved in and starting loading items into a dump truck. ….Protesters at the Occupy Montreal site tied themselves to a tent as one last stand against their imminent eviction from the Victoria Square encampment… Nine people tied themselves to the kitchen tent in the square and chanted at police, who eventually ripped down the sides of the structure to move protesters out. …While protesters weren’t quiet as police and city workers moved in to their camp, they didn’t interfere. The full-scale eviction comes one day after protesters were given a second notice that they had to vacate the square.”

The Montreal Gazette adds, “Occupy Montreal protesters who had camped for six weeks at Victoria Square in the heart of Montreal’s financial district said they had made their voices heard… While there were some verbal disputes and lots of shouting (as the police tore down tents), the Occupy Montreal protesters generally did not resist. Many sang and chanted slogans, and some handed police officers flowers. Many expressed disappointment, however, at being evicted. …Sixteen protesters, several of whom had attached themselves to a structure that had served as a kitchen, were arrested. Police later said all of those arrested were taken to a police vehicle, driven to an unidentified métro station, and released without charge. …Several protesters expressed frustration with Mayor Gérald Tremblay, who they feel has betrayed his promise to let them stay in the square as long as there was no violence or threat to public safety.”

During the Indignez-Vous! conference this past October 21-23, Council of Canadians chapter activists, Board directors, and staff visited Occupons/ Occupy Montreal several times to demonstrate our solidarity with them. To see a 2-minute video by activist-filmmaker Paul Manly on this, please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiQ6CTtJDSM. In this video you will see the Council marching to the Occupy Montreal site, a short interview with chairperson Maude Barlow, and drumming by Board member Chief Garry John of the Seton Lake First Nation in British Columbia/ Coast Salish Territories.