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NEWS: Prince Albert chapter holds 3rd annual Peace Fest

The Prince Albert Daily Herald reports that, “Songs about freedom, war, peace and love kept Prince Albertans warm on a cold Saturday this weekend at the third annual Peace Fest.”

“Hosted at the Great Western Coffee Co. and organized by the Council of Canadians, Peace Rally: Songs of Peace, Protest and Hope aimed to raise awareness for the peace movement.”

“’We try to let people let people know there’s another option to war. We’re not anti-troops, just antiwar. Actually, were just pro-peace,’ said organizer and local Council of Canadian representative Rick Sawa.”

“’Instead of putting money into wars, let’s put money into public transit, pharmaceutical care or a national day care,’ he said fighting to be heard above Shayne Lazarowich’s version of The Beatles’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ dedicated to Canadian politicians (at the standing-room only event).”

“(Sawa adds), ‘We want our country to move back towards peacekeeping,” he said. “Instead of leaving troops in Afghanistan, why not send over plumbers, electricians, masons and people to rebuild the country.’”

“The council is a volunteer run organization working to draw attention to issues such as water privatization, energy security, public health care and Canadian independence. Founded nationally 25 years ago, the group setup shop in Prince Albert 15 years ago and meet about once a month.”

More at http://www.paherald.sk.ca/News/Local/2010-12-04/article-2017658/PA-gives-peace-a-chance/1.