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NEWS: Prince Albert chapter marks World Water Day

Rick Sawa, Photo by Hannah Zitner, the Herald.

Rick Sawa, Photo by Hannah Zitner, the Herald.

The Prince Albert Daily Herald reports, “Water is an important resource that is often taken for granted, according to local members of the Council of Canadians. The Prince Albert chapter of the council, in partnership with the John M. Cuelenaere Public Library, (hosted) a movie-viewing event (of Burning Water, a documentary about fracking, a natural gas extraction method that contaminates drinking water) at the library to commemorate World Water Day. Rick Sawa, the council’s Prince Albert chapter representative, said the purpose of World Water Day is to create awareness about the importance of water.”

Sawa says, “The goal is to bring attention to water. It’s something that we take for granted and don’t think much about. There is a real debate now whether water should be in the public domain or should it be privatized and sold for profit. There is also concern that water is not being respected with all the pollution that is being dumped into water.”

More than 30 Council of Canadians chapters took part in World Water Day activities this year.

The Prince Albert Daily Herald report is at http://www.paherald.sk.ca/News/Local/2011-03-22/article-2355383/World-Water-Day-event-being-held-at-public-library/1.