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NEWS: Quebec may hold ‘public inquiry’ on west-to-east pipelines

The Globe and Mail reports on two eastward pipeline proposals – the “TransCanada Corp. pipeline project that would carry Western oil to the refineries of Eastern Canada – which could allow for crude exports from the deep-water port of Saint John” and “another proposal which would reverse the flow of the Enbridge Inc. pipeline that runs between Sarnia, Ont., and Montreal, would help Suncor Energy’s Montreal-East refinery as well as Ultramar’s refinery in St-Romuald, near Quebec City.”

The article notes, “Government officials from Alberta and Quebec are discussing the reversal of the Enbridge pipeline. As for the TransCanada project, (Premier Pauline) Marois wants to know more before deciding whether it would be in Quebec’s interest. …New Brunswick Premier David Alward travelled to Montreal Monday to try to convince Marois that moving Alberta oil to the East Coast through Quebec would benefit all provinces. But Quebec Premier did not say if she was swayed by his arguments.”

“Quebec Environment Minister Yves-François Blanchet said in an e-mail statement that he favours a public inquiry to ensure social acceptance of the pipeline projects, given the environmental concerns.”

Last November, regarding the Line 9 reversal, Quebec’s Natural Resources Minister Martine Ouellet said, “We also have to examine the environmental impact. What kind of oil will be transported in the pipeline? Is it light crude? Will it be conventional oil or not? We are still waiting for answers.” And CBC reported, “Alexandre Cloutier, the Parti Québécois minister for Canadian intergovernmental affairs and minister responsible for sovereign governance, said the government wants to consult the people directly involved in the project.”

But for now, according to today’s news, “the government has not committed itself to holding such an inquiry”. And according to The Gazette, “Marois said a working group has been set up to examine what the technical, environmental and economic implications of the (TransCanada) project would be for Quebecers.”

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