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NEWS: Rally held in Ladner against Deltaport expansion

The Delta Optimist reports, “Almost 200 rain soaked people converged in Ladner on Saturday to protest the industrialization of Delta’s prime agricultural lands. Organized by the local chapter of the Council of Canadians, the event at Magee Park saw concerned citizens and members from various groups speak out against what they describe as behind the scenes efforts to convert large tracts of farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve for port-related expansion.”

“The rally, which included an appearance by a large vinyl salmon, also saw participants march through Ladner, tying up a lane of traffic without police on hand.”

“Delta South independent MLA Vicki Huntington, who attended the rally, this year revealed efforts to industrialize hundreds of hectares of ALR lands with warehouse logistics to support Deltaport growth. She said a warehouse developer signed $98 million in options to buy 11 farm parcels near Highway 17 and Deltaport Way.”

“It’s the latest in a series of controversies when it comes to the future of Delta’s farmlands. Those hot button issues include plans to open a new three-berth container terminal at Roberts Bank, South Delta being eyed as a foreign trade zone, the loss of land to various projects including the South Fraser Perimeter Road, and farmland being purchased for BC Rail.”

“The Council of Canadians says Delta is the ‘eye of the hurricane’ when it comes to industrialization of farmland, port expansion, loss of migrant worker rights, pollution and destruction of critical habitat.”

The full Delta Optimist article can be read at http://m.delta-optimist.com/svc/wlws.svc/getHtml#article/?sectionId=649&feedId=1106&articleId=4823248.