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NEWS: Russell residents oppose landfills that threaten groundwater

CBC reports, “Some people in Russell, Ont. (about 30 kilometres southeast of Ottawa), are gearing up for a lengthy fight against proposed garbage dumps in their area. …Taggart Miller Environmental Services is proposing to turn a former quarry and a site nearby into landfills. But some people in the community are worried that if the plans are approved, their community will become a dumping ground for Eastern Ontario garbage and that the landfills might leak contaminated fluids into the groundwater.”

According to the news report, residents have until October 15 to respond to the dump plans recently submitted by Taggart to the Ontario ministry of the environment. “It could be months or years before the province decides whether to approve the plans or not. In the meantime, residents said they plan to write protest letters to the environment ministry to keep pressure on the province.”

The Council of Canadians commented on this proposed landfill in November 2011 at http://canadians.org/blog/?p=12282 and in June 2012 at http://canadians.org/blog/?p=15836. The ‘Dump the Dump Now’ website is at http://www.dumpthedumpnow.ca.