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NEWS: Saskatchewan group advocates for sustainable energy

The Prince Albert Daily Herald reports, “One of Saskatchewan’s most prominent advocacy groups (for sustainable forms of energy) is the local band of activists known as Renewable Power — The Intelligent Choice (RPIC). …RPIC originally grew out of a meeting held in the library on March 31, 2009 in collaboration with the Council of Canadians, in which local residents discussed the plans of Bruce Power to build nuclear reactors along the North Saskatchewan River.”

“While RPIC was formed as a way of advancing the cause of sustainable energy, events have often forced the group into a more defensive position (most notably opposing a Nuclear Waste Management Organization repository in the north). …Although the issue of nuclear waste has lately taken centre stage in RPIC’s agenda, the group’s long-term goal is getting the Saskatchewan government to adopt legislation and policies that will wean the province off fossil fuels and encourage alternative forms of energy.”

In December 2009, the Council of Canadians, working with the Canadian Labour Congress, produced Green Decent and Public, a report focused on the opportunities presented by both public ownership and an expansion of renewable power. Energy campaigner Andrea Harden wrote at that time, “The report focuses in particular on the opportunities for creating green jobs in improving energy efficiency and rapidly expanding electricity produced from renewable resources. Public and community ownership of renewable power is offered as an alternative path to further market liberalization in the electricity sector that has distinct advantages. These advantages include retaining economic revenues, maximizing social benefits, prioritizing conservation and ensuring energy security.”

The news story is at http://www.paherald.sk.ca/Local/News/2013-03-13/article-3199551/Renewable-power-group-leads-local-fight-for-sustainable-energy/1. For more on RPIC, go to http://www.rpic.ca/index.html. More on our Green Decent and Public report at http://canadians.org/blog/?p=8669.