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NEWS: Winnipeg chapter launches ‘Show Us the Deal’ campaign

The Winnipeg Free Press reports today, “Winnipeg’s water deal with multi-national Veolia takes centre stage tonight with the Council of Canadians’ Winnipeg chapter screening a film about Veolia’s track record in other cities. The film Water Makes Money will be shown at 7 p.m. at the Ellice Cafe and Theatre today, recognized as World Water Day. The council said in a press release it’s launching a ‘show us the deal’ campaign and a petition to get the city to provide more information about the ‘secret’ 30-year arrangement it’s made with the corporation.”

The petition says, “We the undersigned call on Winnipeg City Council to publicly disclose all the details of the secret 30 year deal with Veolia for upgrades to our wastewater system. Contracts that involve huge public expenditures and long term relations must be transparent. It is essential that all partners and contractors be held publicly accountable. This can only be done if there is a genuine effort to keep the public informed. Please show us what you are committing us to.”

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