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No More NAFTAs! Inter-Continental Day of Action

Today, 50 North American communities joined together to say “ENOUGH!” to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other corporate “trade” deals that Canada, Mexico and the United States continue to pursue.

The actions happened today in solidarity with with an important conference in Mexico City on the catastrophic impacts of NAFTA on Mexico and the need for a radically new trade model for the continent and beyond. The conference, which was sponsored in Canada by Common Frontiers, RQIC and the Trade Justice Network, culminated in a tri-national declaration: 20 years of NAFTA: Enough Free Trade! No to the TTP! It reads in part:

We have assessed the impact on human, environmental, labor, social, and cultural rights. We conclude that the benefits of NAFTA were exaggerated to sell the agreement to the public. The promises made were not fulfilled, on the contrary, we have seen a rise in inequality, impoverishment of the vast majority of the population, loss of employment, job insecurity, environmental degradation, deterioration of social cohesion and increased violence.

See photos Read the declaration in English, French or Spanish.

The actions also take place two weeks before another round of TPP negotiations in SIngapore and in the middle of a heated debate in the United States on whether Congress should grant the Obama administration “fast-track” authority to pass trade deals without substantive political debate. This is not the first and won’t be the last day of action against the TPP and other corporate trade deals in Canada and elsewhere…

Photo: No More NAFTAs! Toronto march in solidarity. Burying NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Burying NAFTA and the TPP Toronto

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