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Northumberland chapter engages in pre-federal budget consultation

The Council of Canadians Northumberland chapter participated in a recent consultation on the federal budget.

Northumberland View reports, “Northumberland-Peterborough South MP Kim Rudd welcomed residents to a trio of Pre-Budget Consultation events on Wednesday, February 10th. The events were held in Port Hope, Colborne and Newcastle. The Port Hope event was held at the Town Park Recreation Centre in Port Hope and included several members of Port Hope Council, including Mayor Bob Sanderson, Cobourg Mayor and County Warden Gil Brocanier, Wendy Curtis from Northumberland CFDC, Pat Daily from the Northumberland Chapter of the Council of Canadians, and several other residents.”

For the past several years the Council of Canadians has been writing the water chapter for the Alternative Federal Budget.

As described by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, “The Alternative Federal Budget is a ‘what if’ exercise—what a government could do if it were truly committed to an economic, social, and environmental agenda that reflects the values of the large majority of Canadians—as opposed to the interests of a privileged minority. It demonstrates in a concrete and compelling way that another world really is possible.”

In Alternative Federal Budget 2015: Delivering the Good, the Council of Canadians called for $4.2 billion and the implementation of a ‎national water policy in order to combat the hundreds of drinking water advisories in effect. It also pointed to the overhaul of the Fisheries Act, the de-listing of 99 per cent of lakes and rivers under the Navigation Waters Protection Act, and the changes to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act that cancelled 3000 environmental assessments. Fracking and pipeline projects like Energy East are listed as examples of risks to drinking water.

For more on those budget demands, please click here.

News reports suggest the federal budget this year will be released on March 21 or on March 22, World Water Day.

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