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Northwest Territories chapter calls for fracking moratorium

ConocoPhillips fracking in the Northwest Territories last winter

ConocoPhillips fracking in the Northwest Territories last winter.

CBC reports, “An N.W.T. group opposed to hydraulic fracturing is rallying support for a moratorium in the territory until all of the controversial practice’s potential impacts are reviewed. Fracking Action North, a coalition of residents affiliated with the N.W.T. Chapter of the Council of Canadians, Ecology North, and Alternatives North, is asking for people to sign a petition supporting a moratorium and comprehensive review under the territory’s Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act.”

The article notes, “[Last winter], ConocoPhillips was the first company to drill and frack two wells in the N.W.T.’s Sahtu region. …[Then] in May [2014], a study commissioned by Environment Canada concluded research around hydraulic fracturing is neither detailed enough nor conclusive. …[In] June, the N.W.T. government announced it would hold consultations to draft regulations governing hydraulic fracturing in the territory. …[And then this past July, ConocoPhillips] submitted an application to drill 10 more exploratory wells in the territory over the next five years.”

When the Sahtu Land and Water Board (SLWB) issued five year land use and water licenses to ConocoPhillips on July 31, NWT chapter activist Lois Little said, “We are profoundly disappointed that the SLWB chose to ignore the many well-reasoned interventions, the territorial petition with almost 800 signatures, the NWT Elders Parliament resolution and many voices in opposition from the community whose lands and water are most directly impacted. It is offensive that all these voices have been ignored with the sweeping statement that concerns can be addressed by existing technology and the company’s existing practices.”

If you live in the Northwest Territories you have until March 10 to sign the petition here.

For information on the Council of Canadians national campaign in opposition to fracking, please click here.

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