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Northwest Territories chapter screens Noam Chomsky film

A still from the film.

The Council of Canadians Northwest Territories chapter, with the support of PSAC North, screened Requiem for the American Dream last night in Yellowknife.

IMDb notes, “Requiem for the American Dream is the definitive discourse with Noam Chomsky, widely regarded as the most important intellectual alive, on the defining characteristic of our time – the deliberate concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a select few. Through interviews filmed over four years, Chomsky unpacks the principles that have brought us to the crossroads of historically unprecedented inequality – tracing a half-century of policies designed to favor the most wealthy at the expense of the majority – while also looking back on his own life of activism and political participation.”

Chapter activist Lois Little tells us, “We had an eclectic and animated audience of about 45, who deeply appreciated the film, and were inspired to engage in a lively and lengthy post-screening conversation. Our audience explored themes of colonialism and corporate governance; the merits of direct action, civil disobedience, and violent protest; opting out of the corporate game to build local sustain economies; continuing to build the NWT Common Front; and acting with compassion and in solidarity.”

She highlights chapter activist Craig Yeo for his organizing and promotion, and Cristina Popa from PSAC North for her support including bringing popcorn and beverages for all.

Little adds, “We recommend this film to other chapters!”

To see a trailer for Requiem for the American Dream, please click here.