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Opposition to Enbridge is Brewing Across the Country

Last week was not a good week for Enbridge’s brand. Hearings on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline took place in Vancouver and they were met with astounding opposition both inside the hearings and in the streets.

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But the fierce opposition to pipelines did not end in Vancouver. In fact they do not end with the Northern Gateway Pipeline either.

Line 9, which is being constructed by an Enbridge subsidiary, is also getting fierce opposition. In response to the call for a Day of Action, some Council of Canadians chapters and grassroots groups are mobilizing to oppose this project and tar sands in Ontario and Quebec.

This past weekend, Climate Justice Montreal organized a community forum to build resistance and alternatives to tar sands pipelines. The day way filled with workshops, panels, and strategy sessions and brought together Montrealers as well as activists from communities along the pipeline route in Ontario and Quebec.

Rising Tide Toronto has organized a “No Line 9!” block at the Rally for Rights and Democracy. Additionally, the group’s call to action highlights a few of the Indigenous communities through which Line 9 passes. These include Aamjiwnaang First Nation and unceded Haudenosaunee territory. A full list of municipalities and First Nations located along the route of Line 9B (the portion of Line 9 located between Montreal and Westover) can be found here: Line 9B Pre-reversal Application Information

For some background information on Line 9, check out my previous Huffington Post article, What Enbridge Doesn’t Want Ontarians to Know

Whether Northern Gateway or Line 9, opposition to Enbridge is brewing.