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Opposition MPs, Globe and Mail editorial board call on Trudeau to take action on Bill C-33

Over the last five days, The Council of Canadians push for movement on Bill C-33, an Act to amend the Canada Elections Act, has picked up a lot of attention.

March 23 – The Council of Canadians and the Canadian Federation of Students issued a media advisory stating, “While the Trudeau government introduced Bill C-33 to repeal the controversial provisions in the Fair Elections Act the legislation has been stalled since November, 2016.”

March 26 – The Canadian Press reports, “The government insists it’s now gearing up to push the bill through. ‘We remain firmly committed to the legislation and we intend to see it debated in the House soon’, said Mark Kennedy, a spokesman for government House leader Bardish Chagger. ‘This is a priority for the government.'”

March 26 – NDP MP Nathan Cullen comments, “This is like someone saying they’re committed to exercise while they sit on the couch. The words are totally hollow … they’ve had all this time, they have no excuse; they have a majority government and they have a promise to keep. There’s no photo-op, no selfies option for this, so maybe it slips down the priority list for the government.”

March 26 – Green Party MP Elizabeth May notes, “I hope they’ll get it through soon. There’s no reason to delay on this.”

March 27 – The Globe and Mail editorial board states, “Ottawa sent vague signals this week that it is going to stop stalling on its overdue reform of federal election laws. That makes this a good moment to remind Canadians of the government’s lack of credibility on the subject, and to raise worries about its intentions. …A government spokesman said this week that these reforms are a priority, but that is far from reassuring. The Liberals’ willingness to play politics with electoral reform is too well established to rule out more twists and turns.”

We have also just launched a new online petition that says, “I call on your government to stop stalling and pass Bill C-33 in time for Elections Canada to make the necessary changes before the next election. I also call on you to direct the government’s lawyers to stop fighting against the Charter challenge to repeal the undemocratic elements in the act.”

Already 6,097 people have signed it!

To add your name to our petition, please click here.